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This is something that we’ve longed for! Abel –beloved part of Redlight Records– sent this guest mix. The timing was perfect: here it is to remind us about goodness and love. No need for descriptions –just let the music talk. You can enjoy some of more Redlight Records selections here. Thank you Abel!

Silver Bullet Mix

not available at the moment

You can download it here

We welcome September with another guest mix from Oldman Talkin’. A deep, moody, quality crossover, totally recommended for your afternoon or latenight listenings in these early autumn days. Thank you Harry.

35 Degrees of Uncertainty

George Fenton – Mary Appears
Gerasimos Lavranos – The Dream
Stark Reality – Too Much Tenderness
Time Wasters – Seventh Wave
Fox – The Juggler
Finis Africae – Hybla
Mo Kolours – Banana Wine
The Heliocentrics – Collateral Damage
Brenda Ray – Krazee Music
George Theodorakis – No Name
Alpha Beta – Astral Abuse
Herbie Hancock Sextant – Rain Dance
Reinhard Lakomy – Das Geheime Leben
Arrow – O’ La Soca (Afro Soca Acid Dub)
Dwight Sykes – In The Life Zone

You can download it here

Our last guest mix for this season comes from Athens based duet Amateur Boyz. Spiros and Thodoris have been behind numerous successful parties for the past six years, some of them featuring super cool guest djs from around the globe. You can check more from Amateurboyz’ sounds here.  So, join the forces of rhythm, turn up the volume and hit the road!

By the Lake, Under his Smile

Speculator & Marion Guillet – Johnny Marr
Jacob Mikesh Filburt – Philipp Dolphia
Willie Burns – Pong In A Tracksuit
Bjorn Torske – Fembussen Hjem
Botox – Grands Boulevards (Jared Wilson remix)
Pharaohs – What
Francis Bebey – Bissao (Etienne Jaumet remix)
Young Marco – Nonono
Protect U – Double Rainbow
The Revenge – The Joy
Rahaan – Together (feat Mike Anthony)
Marc Houle – Oo Oo
Tom Trago – “Next Fase” (remix)
Dj Nori – Happy Sunday (Maurice Fulton mix)
The Barking Dogs – Margherita
Sha Lor – I’m In Love (Caught Up version)

You can download it here

It’s mid-hot July and we have a new guest mix for trippy afternoons. Salonica’s R-RS aka Kocmoc and Oldman Talkin’ have provided us with a collage of chill, trip hop, africano and ultra melodic beats. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Thank you boys!

Picfare Exercise Book

The Strange Sounds Orchestra – Come On Dulcimer People (Parts 1 And 2)
Akis – Space, Time And Beyond
8 From The Egg – Gone
Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi
Marc Moulin – N.W.
The Heliocentrics – Collateral Damage
Jimi Tenor & T. Allen – Cellas Walk
Robert Glasper Experiment – Lift Off Mic Check

Oldman Talkin’:
Gray – Life On The Streets
Tone Loc – Loc’ In On The Shaw
Aardvarck – One Note
Dabrye – My Life
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Track 9
The Durutti Column – Dance II

Recorded at Kocmoc Studio.
One Take – 100% Vinyls.

You can download it here

Another guest mix for May, this time coming from Italy! Gianni [aka Cesare Barbetta] was kind enough to give us this crazy mix —spacy, mysterious and playfull. Be sure to check more of his souds here and also visit his super-blog Boxes of Toys. Viva l’Italia!


Takashi Toyoda – Sky
Sergio Ferraresi – Road Of Light
Michel Robidoux & Pierre F. Brault – Les PlanËtes
Georges Theodorakis – Stou
Cartoon Interlude [Toshiki Kadomatsu – Prajna – Boxes of Toys’ Looped Edit No Edit]
Georges Rodi – Street People
S.Laszlo & Plin – Danza Dei Robot
Hideki Matsutake – Edo (Part I)
Angel Rada – Nada Sagrado
Chiemi Manabe – Untotooku
Salada De Frutas – Scoubidou
Coloured Music – Heartbeat
Salada De Frutas – Ovo De P·scoa [Boxes of Toys’ Juki Machine Edit No Edit]
Yonin Bayashi – Buen Dia
Petites Annonces – Une Mesure, Deux Temps, Trois Mouvements
Kebnekaise – Tigerdance, Wind
Vangelis Katsoulis – The Slipping Beauty
Akira Itoh – Suite Mode (Excerpts)
Kenso – Masui (Part I)
Peter Wolf – Just The Policeman
Claus Cornell & Open Music Group – Circle
Ryo Kawasaki & The Golden Dragon – Medley (Thundersea/Gypsys)

You can download it here

Our new guest mix comes from Zaq Famellos. With his alias Img_02 he experiments with more dubby sounds but for the blog he prepared a collection of dance classics. Disco, electro and off to space! Many thanks to Zaq.

Sex In Space

Brian Bennett&Alan Hawkshaw – Mermaid
Supermax – Fly With Me
Epsilon – Ayayaya
Sirarcusa – Streap-tease In The Stars
Harry Thumann – Happy To Be In The Sun
Casco (Bwh) – Stop (12″ mix)
Steel Mind – Bad Passion (Instrumental)
Cat Gang – Locomotive Breath (special Rock version)
Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman
Visage – Fade to Grey (UK dance mix)
N.O.I.A – Stranger in a Strange Land (Instrumental)
Black Devil Disco Club – Coach Me (Dub)
Harry Thumann – Shpinx
Patrick Cowley – Mutant Man

You can download it here

Today’s new guest mix comes from Athens. Owner at Kasseta Records, Dimitris has prepared for us an amazing mosaic of sounds – trippy and full of personality. Take a deep dive into the music and enjoy! Thank you D.

Kasseta Rec Mix

Edward Larry Gordon – Bethlehem
Jahilyya Fields – Air On Earth
Von Spar – You Can Shake Down On My Settee Tonight
General Zod & Cougarman – When Sally Met Mandingo
Moton Records INC – Discophrenia
North Lake – A Journey To The Center Of The Sun
Mc Lane Explosion – Fire Land
Desert – Leaving
Moton Records INC – Northbeach
Parlor No 3 – Atlantic
Vera – Take Me To The Bridge

You can download it here

Oh Yeah! Today’s guest mix −the first one for 2013− is a kind contribution from Tolouse Lowtrax. Dusseldof’s resident dj at Salon Des Amateurs has prepared a dark, hypnotic, archetype-techno set ; minimal and trippy, it suits perfect for January’s last day.
You can check more of his sounds here. Danke Detlef!


Vadican Shadow
Esplendor Geometrico
Luc Marianni
Die Partei
Ghedalia Tazartes
Ike Yard (remix)
Ghedalia Tazartes
3 Wave
Unkwon Mix
African Head Charge
Stavros Logaridis

You can download it here

This time we welcome you to the world of Costa Vamvaka. A slow-roasted intro for the autumn that is finally here, filled with  warm, funk, sexy sounds. Sit in your lounge, library or bed and enjoy :)

Puccio Roelens – Caravan
Joao Donato – Me Deixa
Nino Nardini – Tropicola
Alan Trajan – Speak to me Clarisa
Alain Grogauer – Le Bracelet
Galt MacDermot – Coffee Cold
Antonio Castro – W.e.l.f.a.r.e.
Paramounr – Lovers in Orbit
Serge Gainsbourg – Danger
Marva Broome – Mystifying Mama
Mikis Thodorakis – On the Streets
Hal Singer – Malcom
Camille Yarbough – Take Yo Praise
Hildegarde Knef – Im Achtzigsten Stockwerk
Galt MacDermot – Let the Sunshine
Sivuca – Ponteio
Yama yama – Yamasuki
Quarteto Em Cy – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
Eric Cosaque – Guadaloupe Ile de Mes Amours
Kelle Patterson – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
Sue Barker – Love to thePeople
Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love
Giannis Spanos – Monaxia (instrumental)
Penny Goodwin – Too Soon You’re Old
Marc Moulin – Humpty Dumpty

You can download it here

Another perfect-for-Sundays mix for you today. This one come from Chris & Tereza aka Christeza. Is it balearic, rock, romantic or even mysterious? Yes! Baby-friendly music, too, for those who know. Big thanks and enjoy :)

Azymuth – Linha Do Horizonte
Colorama – Hapus (Begin Remix)
Hyldon – Na Sombra De Uma Arvore
Marvin , Welch & Farrar – A Thousand Conversations
Beatles – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Pete Townshend – Save It For Later
Enya – River
Reverberi – Roller
Frank Sinatra – This Town
Gabor Szabo – Somewhere I Belong
David Sanborn – Run For Cover
Robert Palmer – Every Kinda People
Johnwaynes – Hoomba Hooma
Gandalf – The Fruitful Gardens

You can download it here

September’s on and we’re back, welcoming this season’s first guest mix, Abendprogramm. Julian Horn from Austria is the man behind this absolutely mellow mix -perfect one for weekend chill out and a sweet way to start autumn. Tune in and enjoy! Also check here Tempo, the Vienna party nights he’s involved with. Thank you Julian :)

Ananta – Causal Ocean
Büdi Siebert – Pienes Tanz
Pili Pili – Post Scriptum
Sango – Death In The Woods
Ströer Duo – Abendprogramm
Lani Hall – Ocean Song
OPA – Montevideo
Christian Hinze – African Rapness
Babeth – Bébé – Reggae
Rhodos – Robotics
Sandra Sá – Olhos Coloridos
Sylvia Mason – Shadow in the Sun
Alberto Radius – California Bill
Enzo Cervo – Delfina
Peter Horton – Chanrango Creek
Hiroshima – Da-Da

You can download it here

Ok, these are the right coordinates to be: 20/44!
Disco Not Disco parties have been rocking the boat since 2007, hosting numerous great international and local djs. Today we are very proud to present DJ Brka -1/3 of Disco Not Disco team- and his live-recorded warm-up set for the party with Abel, on May 26. Turn up the volume and go as deep as it gets with this mix of super Yugo-grooves, spiced up with a couple of Polish, Czeck and Turkish tunes.

Hvala Slobodan! | ♥ to the boat!

You can download it here

Today’s guest mix comes from faraway Russia. Our friend FlumeBerge is dreaming of the ocean breeze and is taking us to a trip full of chill, salty, mysterious beats. Listen well. спасибо!

Malcolm Cecil – Waves
Naps – Elastic
Yello – Homer Hossa
Yann Tomita – Boom Boom Village
Jean-Pierre Bourtayre – Swimming Scene (from “Les Maitres Du Temps”)
Roland Bocquet – Exotique
サンバ – ナイト パイパー
Richard Schneider Jr. – Samba-Trip
Richard Denton & Martin Cook – The Great Egg Race
Frederic Mercier – Storm
Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo – Master Ship
Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars – Time Storm
1776 – You
Hosono Haruomi, Suzuki Shigeru, Tatsuro Yamashita – Passion Flower
Tornaado – Finn
Francois Dompierre – Saute Moutons
Young Marco – Moving Fast (Very Slowly)
Thin Lizzy – Sun A Go Down (Badger’s Raabadub)
Arvo – Bikini
Dolphins Into The Future – Jardim dos Tufaos

You can download it here

Coming up next guest is German dj, collector, blogger −and great cook as I’ve heard− Basso. Already listened-to many times, this mix has lots of diamonds to be discovered. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy Basso’s cooking style. Thank you so!

Lost In the Supermarket

John Elder – Ma
Kit Watkins – Cycles
Azymuth – Falcon Love Call
Hiroshi Sato – High Times
Dunn & Rubini – You Gotta Give It to Me
Minoru Mukaiya – Take the SL-Train
Bastion – Mesec U Solji
Opus 10 – Loves Calling (Vocal Rap)
Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right
Horn Stuff – Funky But Chic [sic!]
Family Tree – Family Tree
Stratos Division – Satellite Orders
Senay – Doy Doy Doymadim
Stachil – Sing Children Instrumental
VIP Conection – Coco 20
Metropolitans – All Our Stars Are Shining
Mutti Swingt (Edit)
Jon Eberson Group – My Own Life

You can download it here

Today’s guest mix is a taste of what we’ll be dancing to on April 6. Tako and his records are visiting Salonica, so enjoy these super-tunes and shine up your dancing shoes! Dank u wel :}

Michel Seguin – Babushkin
Spacemen – Crossing
Letta Mbulu – Down By the River
Uku Kuut – Visions of Estonia
Philippe Chany – Lettre Pour Monsieur Législateur
Lijadu Sisters – Not Any Longer
Goddy Oku – The Enemy
Francis the Great – Look Up In da Sky
Patrick Forges – Sexy Move
Miss Misty – Disco Kid
Shallow – Together
Uku Kuut – Secret Dreams
Letta Mbulu – Normalizo
Gaz Nevada – Spécial Agent Man
Theadora Idifu – Four In a Tango

You can download it here

Mr Dynamons, co-founder of Echovolt Records was kind enough to prepare today’s mix. A fusion of obscure greek tracks, warm electronics, some house classics, it is a real treat for this cloudy weekend. It’s great to know that he and Tako are preparing a collection called ‘Into The Light: A Journey Into Greek Electronics And Beyond (1978-1991)’. Sure looking forward to that!

Vangelis Katsoulis – Touch The Sun
Vangelis Katsoulis – Improvisation
Γιώργος Θεοδωράκης – No Name
Dieter Reith – Love and Fantasy
Roger Powell – Lunar Plexus
Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
400 Blows – Club Pressure
Das Ding – Makimono
Paul McCartney – Blue Sway
Liz Torres – Don’t Let Love Pass You by (Master C & S Groove)
James Mason – Nightgruv (Unreleased Longer Edit)
Mr. Fingers – What About this Love
Russ Brown – Gotta Find a Way (Instrumental)
Simple Minds – League of Nations
Throbbing Gristle – Distant Dreams (Part Two)
Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mea Culpa
The Bernie Leadon-Michael Georgiades Band – Glass Off
Dimitris Petsetakis – Clearance

You can download it here

Today it’s this special Carnival-Thursday in Greece. Everybody eats meat, gets dressed up in costumes-masqué and has loads of fun. But we’re in the mood of hosting something different that doesn’t exactly fit the day. A dreamie, mesmerizing trip-mix by James Enox. No carnival at all.
T-h-a-n-k-s :)

The Art of Noise – How to Kill
Kraftwerk – News
Alex Smith – Sign & Drive
AFX – C2
Klaus Nomi – From Beyond
John Heckle – Nothing Can Last Forever
Joe Drive – A Zenith Criteria
Pwog – Linkage
Klaus Nomi – Samson and Delilah
Technasia – Millenniums [The Unknown]
Unknown – Unknown
June – Lost Area [Dj Sprinke’s empty dancefloor]
AE – Garbage [PIOBMX19]
Sabres of Paradise – Inter/Lergen/Ten/Ko
Jeff Mills – A1

You can download it here

A good-morning from the ‘Things we’ve been listening to‘ fellas with this Wednesday mixtape of specialities. Groove in with some electronic, no wave, progressive and dark-disco grooves. Sweet!

Picchio Dal Pozzo – Merta
Tom Scott – Burundi Bump
Hosono Haruomi – Cosmic Surfin’
Nina Hagen Band – Fisch Im Wasser
Rose Garden – Akiko Yano
I Gres – To Mendes
Kroma – Sexy Films
Jean Yves Labat – Cash
Sky – Westway
Zia – Heleyos
Jean Pierre Sabar – Vai Vai
Senay – Honki Ponki (Baris K edit)
Abel Nagengast – Inner Haze
Jamaica Running – The Pool
Arjune Popo – Disco Baby

You can download it here

It’s Oldman Talkin’s time. A mix made of sweet jazz-funk melodies, exotic rhythms and some dubby sounds for the end of the day. Some warm music for a totally frrrreazing week!

Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins – Bill Blows It
Lack of Afro – Little Fugue
Herman Eberitzsch – Rapture of the Deep
Fraykers Revenge – Ghetto
Yamasuki – Aieaoa
Orchestral McKarl – Misly
Salma Agha – Come Closer
The Buoys – Give Up Your Guns
Giuliano Sorgini – Time Turf
Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou – Tarekh
Daphni – Mapfumo
George Adams – Adjusting settings, mixing and panning with unknown track at begin of tape
Легкое дело холод – Белый черт ландыш
Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines
Clutchy Hopkins meets Lord Kenjamin – Tune Traveler
Arthur Joly – Moréia
Wackie’s Rhythm Force – Hard to Find Dub

You can download it here

This week we are hosting a mixtape from a mysterious duet called One Plus One Sound Club. No further revelations can be made for these fellas, so just tune in with their electronic, broken-beat, abstract hip-hop selections and enjoy a 12 minute track with the incredible William O.!

Mane Mane – Skin Fox
Professor Psygrooves – Basement Groove
Gatto Fritto – The Curse
Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist
BBC – Ngozi
Paul McCartney – Frozen Jap
Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program – Breakfast Blunts
Hype Williams – William, Shotgun Sprayer
Super Smoky Soul – B4
Ssaliva – Night Landing (Sagat remix)
Flying Lotus – Kill Your Co-Workers
DJ Fofuxo – Preta Chinesa
William Onyeabor – When the Going is Smooth & Good
Abu Ghraib – Ketamine
The Spits – Cha Cha Love

You can download it here