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We are reaching the end of 2016 and thought you’d like a treat. Dutch mysterioso Reggie Satanas has put together the last mixtape of the year, selecting obcurities from his 7″ collection. From paganism to electrism, enjoy it with a glass of champagne and don’t forget to check out his regular radio shows @ Redlight Radio.Βedanken!


Kraftwerk – Kometenmelodie 1
WKGB – Ultramarine
Allgrena – Protest
Prurient – Judgement To The World
Der Blutharsch – The Philosopher’s stone
Throbbing Gristle – United
Mekanik Kommando – Steel, Concrete And Silence
SPK – Metal Dance
Another – Johnny
Palais Schaumburg – Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt
DAF – Sex Unter Wasser
Crossover – Lucida Obscura
Rational Youth – Dancing On The Berlin Wall
Polyphonic Size – Hiroshima 1945

You can download it here

It is the first day of snow at our village below Mt Olympus and definitely a good one to post this special mix from RHYLEB aka Grigoris Kordellas. Co-organizer of the Be Uncensored parties,
he’s usually more into techno sounds, but his mix for higher-love is a collection of classic underground rebetika songs.
“This mix is dedicated to the first two periods of rebetiko(1922-1932 & 1932-1942). The word rebetiko or plural rebetika is an adjectival form derived from the Greek word rebetis. The word rebetis is today construed to mean a person who embodies aspects of character, dress, behavior, morals and ethics associated with a particular subculture.[1] The word is closely related, but not identical in meaning,
to the word mangas, which means strong guy that “needs correction”. Initially a music associated with the lower classes, rebetiko later reached greater general acceptance as the rough edges of its overt sub cultural character were softened and polished, sometimes to the point of unrecognizability.”

Drink some raki to warm up and enjoy. Thank you Grigoris!


ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ ΧΑΛΙΚΙΑΣ – Το μινόρε του τεκέ (1932)
ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΚΑΤΣΑΡΟΣ – Χθες το βράδυ στου Γκαρίπη (1935)
Α.ΚΩΣΤΗΣ (ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΠΕΖΟΣ) – Στην υπόγα (1930)
Α.ΚΩΣΤΗΣ (ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΠΕΖΟΣ) – Κάηκε ένα σχολείο (1930)
ΜΑΡΚΟΣ ΒΑΜΒΑΚΑΡΗΣ – Ο συνάχης (1934)
ΤΕΤΟΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΑΔΗΣ – Μεσ’ στον τεκέ της Μαριγώς (1935)
Κ.ΚΩΣΤΗΣ – Απ’ την πόρτα σου περνώ (1931)
ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΜΠΑΤΗΣ – Ο θερμαστής (1934)
ΣΤΡΑΤΟΣ ΠΑΓΙΟΥΜΤΖΗΣ & ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΜΠΑΤΗΣ – Μάγκες καραβοτσακισμένοι (1934)
ΑΝΕΣΤΗΣ ΔΕΛΙΑΣ & ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΜΠΑΤΗΣ – Ταξίμι αθηναϊκό και ζεϊμπέκικο (1936)
ΓΙΟΒΑΝ ΣΤΑΟΥΣ – Παραπονούνται οι μάγκες μας (1936)
ΜΑΡΙΚΑ ΚΑΝΑΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ – Ένας μάγκας στον τεκέ μου (1935)
ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΜΠΑΤΗΣ – Η ατσιγγάνα (1933)
ΣΤΕΛΙΟΣ ΚΕΡΟΜΥΤΗΣ – Μεσ’ στου Βάβουλα τη γούβα (1937)
ΡΙΤΑ ΑΜΠΑΤΖΗ – Δύο μάγκες μεσ’ στη φυλακή (1934)
ΣΤΕΛΛΑΚΗΣ (ΓΙΟΒΑΝ ΤΣΑΟΥΣ) – Η βλάμισσα (1936)
ΡΟΖΑ ΕΣΚΕΝΑΖΥ – Ούζο χασίς (1935)

You can download it here

Spring has definitely arrived and we are saying goodbye to winter with this mixtape from Reina.
Our girl from Olympus -queen of transparency- takes you on a trip, dark but optimistic, too,
experimental, trancy and energizing. Check out more from her here, here and there and enjoy!

Love paranoid

Savvas Metaxas – Love Paranoid
Blondie – Rapture (acapella)
Blamstrain – Auroras & Fireflies
Master Minded – Fearless 528Hz
Epavlis Pavlakis – Απλώς Μια Επιφάνεια (Just A Surface)
Asura – Forefathers
Warp Factor – Asian Star
Black Merlin – Amazing Exotics
Karamika – Ton 6
Dim Dj – Search
Hana – Εσωστρέφεια (Introspection) feat. Reina
Beytone – Golden Elegy
The Bug – Poison Dart (feat. Warrior Queen)
Epavlis Pavlakis – Έρωτας (Love)

You can download it here

Long time no see, but we have a treat for you today. Helene Rickhard from Norway has prepared this wonderful mix for higher love. Great soundtrack for this cold January,  ‘Some Other Place, Some Other Time’ it does what is says: travels you through an atmospheric, electric world. You can listen more from Helena here and enjoy this mix also tomorrow, 22nd of January, on Amateur Radio, on its new show that will feature guest mixes. Thanks Helena – happy new creative year people :)

Some Other Place, Some Other Time.png

FSB – Winter House
Brenda Ray – Another Dream
Chris & Cosey – Do Or Die
Lister – The Bugaloo
Morgan Fisher – The World At One
Sheila Chandra – Mukta Gaana
Thomas Almqvist – Mot Natten
Landscape III – The Fabulous Neutrinos
Muslim Disco Club – Osjecam
The Rockets – Some Other Place, Some Other Time
Klaus Nomi – Keys Of Life

You can download it here

It’s time for some techno music. Having not posted something similar music-wise till now, we present to you our friend Damcase. Born in Greece, living in the Netherlands at the moment, Dimitris has been a real devoted dj and producer for many years now, using analog equipment, vinyl records and passion. You can check more of his music here and his blog here. Thank you Dam / love from Olympus!

Emphasis Combine

Roberta Setells – P-1 Information
Kevin Lazar – Transmutation (Mutant III)
Unit Moebius – Kuiken II
I-F – Shadow of the Clone
Super Unknown – ‡°(TH 01)
Inigo Kennedy & Marco Lenzi – Molecular Loops (Mol LG02)
Richard Polson – SF007 A2
Inigo Kennedy & Marco Lenzi – Molecular Recordings
Cristian Vogel – XPUTE theWoopWoop (Tresor 231)
Jeff Mills – Something in the Sky (Axis)
Damcase – Emphasis Combine
Mika Vainio – Olematon (Sahko 6-12)
Super Unknown – Transistor Line
Unit Moebius – Kuiken I (Bunker 4004)

You can download it here

After a long time we have a new mixtape for you people out there. Melbourne based Ryan Frazer 
aka Gordy Zola– graphic designer and passionate record collector – was kind enough to send us some positive energy, summertime African tunes. Perfect soundtrack to help us get through this
cold, nonstop raining March and welcome Spring. You can check out more of his sounds in soundcloud here and also at non collective, dream chimney and noiseinmyhead.
Greetings Australia!

wick up

not available at the moment // feel free to contact Gordy for any inquiries //

You can download it here

Our first autumn guest mix comes this time from Australian Izabel Caligiore. Izabel was hosting the
Lullabies For Insomniacs radio show on PBS 106.7FM. A the moment she lives in London and as
she says: “The mix I have done for you is inspired by Autumn in London, visiting the Sigma Polke
exhibition at the Tate Modern and Paul Virilio’s ‘Speed of Politics'”. Perfect for a car trip, the mix
combines jazz, ethnic, progressive and left-field music and it sounds amazing. Thank you Izabel!

Higher Love II

Herbie Hancock – Waterman Man
Negril – Rasta
Dunkleziffer – Sunday Morning
Ptose – Beasties
Jon Hassel – Earthquake Island
Don Cherry and Latif Khan – Airmail
Nikitakis – Hero Meets Jane
Ultravox – I never Wanted to Begin
Feladat – Rolls
Ibliss – Highlife
Ali Farka Toure – Ai Bine
Nuel – Rhythms
Cybotron – Parameters of Consciousness
George Theodorakis – Lottery
Martha and the Muffins – These Dangerous Machines
1991 – High Life Tech
Juju and Jordash – African Flower (Cosmic Dub)
Gasper Lawal – Kai Anibaba
Francis Bebey – The Pygmy Song

You can download them here here