Our friend Petit Bear based in Athens is the man behind this new guest mix. Cinematic and emotional, Vihma Päikest is a great listen for your lazy afternoons and your summer vacation.
Many thanks to the Bear. Rrrrrooooarrrrrr.

Vihma Päikest

Argo – Diana II
Andres Lõo – Pärast Vihma Sajab Päikest
MJ Lallo – Deep Dreams
Mark Isham – Tibet Part IV
Kulpowicz feat. Niemen – Song For Harprit
Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia – Nim Zastukałem
Lix – Dolly & Teddy
Vincent – Be Easy
Isabelle Antena – Naughty, Naughty
Pick-Up – Live Is Easier Than You Think
BBC Sound Effects – Animals & Birds
2 Katara – H Ελληνοπούλα (Greek Lady)

You can download it here

We are very happy to host this new guest mix from dutch vinyl collector, dj and radio host Rem Gow. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Rem Gow hosts three monthly radio music shows, ‘All Around The Globe’ for Red Light Radio (Amsterdam) and two shows for Operator (Rotterdam). Currently he also has a monthly guest mix residency for Balearic Social Radio, Leeds (UK).
He was kind enough to prepare for us this amazing two-hour mix. Esoteric, ethnic, minimalistic, some words to describe it. Prepare yourself for a treat. Thanks Rem!

Giardino Pieno di Suoni.png

Roberto Musci – Tamatave
Suzanne Kraft – Bank
Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh – Nahm
Paolo Modugno – Brise D’automne
Ditto –  Eastern (In Human Terms)
Vangelis Katsoulis – The Eternal  Return
Michel Banabila – Marilli – 2
Four Drummers Drumming – 3000 Miles Away – Part Two
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Asia
Vito Ricci – Bachelor
Masahide Sakuma – DIM
Pablo’s Eye – La Pedrera
Vito Ricci – The Lotus Leaf Floats on the Lake (instrumental)
Pep Llopis – Muntanyes De Granit
Eblen Macari – La Constelacion Del Pejelagarto (Bambuco)
Goffredo Haus – Cielo
Motohiko Hamase – Circlet
Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canava – Blue Terra
Roberto Mazza – Esperidi
Bartosz Kruczyński – Post Tenebras Lux
Yas-Kaz – Relation Between Bisons, Bananas And Rods – The Previous Night

You can download it here