Monthly Archives: May 2012

Today’s guest mix comes from faraway Russia. Our friend FlumeBerge is dreaming of the ocean breeze and is taking us to a trip full of chill, salty, mysterious beats. Listen well. спасибо!

Malcolm Cecil – Waves
Naps – Elastic
Yello – Homer Hossa
Yann Tomita – Boom Boom Village
Jean-Pierre Bourtayre – Swimming Scene (from “Les Maitres Du Temps”)
Roland Bocquet – Exotique
サンバ – ナイト パイパー
Richard Schneider Jr. – Samba-Trip
Richard Denton & Martin Cook – The Great Egg Race
Frederic Mercier – Storm
Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo – Master Ship
Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars – Time Storm
1776 – You
Hosono Haruomi, Suzuki Shigeru, Tatsuro Yamashita – Passion Flower
Tornaado – Finn
Francois Dompierre – Saute Moutons
Young Marco – Moving Fast (Very Slowly)
Thin Lizzy – Sun A Go Down (Badger’s Raabadub)
Arvo – Bikini
Dolphins Into The Future – Jardim dos Tufaos

You can download it here