Monthly Archives: March 2012

Today’s guest mix is a taste of what we’ll be dancing to on April 6. Tako and his records are visiting Salonica, so enjoy these super-tunes and shine up your dancing shoes! Dank u wel :}

Michel Seguin – Babushkin
Spacemen – Crossing
Letta Mbulu – Down By the River
Uku Kuut – Visions of Estonia
Philippe Chany – Lettre Pour Monsieur Législateur
Lijadu Sisters – Not Any Longer
Goddy Oku – The Enemy
Francis the Great – Look Up In da Sky
Patrick Forges – Sexy Move
Miss Misty – Disco Kid
Shallow – Together
Uku Kuut – Secret Dreams
Letta Mbulu – Normalizo
Gaz Nevada – Spécial Agent Man
Theadora Idifu – Four In a Tango

You can download it here