Sex In Space

Our new guest mix comes from Zaq Famellos. With his alias Img_02 he experiments with more dubby sounds but for the blog he prepared a collection of dance classics. Disco, electro and off to space! Many thanks to Zaq.

Sex In Space

Brian Bennett&Alan Hawkshaw – Mermaid
Supermax – Fly With Me
Epsilon – Ayayaya
Sirarcusa – Streap-tease In The Stars
Harry Thumann – Happy To Be In The Sun
Casco (Bwh) – Stop (12″ mix)
Steel Mind – Bad Passion (Instrumental)
Cat Gang – Locomotive Breath (special Rock version)
Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman
Visage – Fade to Grey (UK dance mix)
N.O.I.A – Stranger in a Strange Land (Instrumental)
Black Devil Disco Club – Coach Me (Dub)
Harry Thumann – Shpinx
Patrick Cowley – Mutant Man

You can download it here

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