Vihma Päikest / Petit Bear

Our friend Petit Bear based in Athens is the man behind this new guest mix. Cinematic and emotional, Vihma Päikest is a great listen for your lazy afternoons and your summer vacation.
Many thanks to the Bear. Rrrrrooooarrrrrr.

Vihma Päikest

Argo – Diana II
Andres Lõo – Pärast Vihma Sajab Päikest
MJ Lallo – Deep Dreams
Mark Isham – Tibet Part IV
Kulpowicz feat. Niemen – Song For Harprit
Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia – Nim Zastukałem
Lix – Dolly & Teddy
Vincent – Be Easy
Isabelle Antena – Naughty, Naughty
Pick-Up – Live Is Easier Than You Think
BBC Sound Effects – Animals & Birds
2 Katara – H Ελληνοπούλα (Greek Lady)

You can download it here

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