Emphasis Combine, Too Much Junk Transmutation Kill The Beast Mix

It’s time for some techno music. Having not posted something similar music-wise till now, we present to you our friend Damcase. Born in Greece, living in the Netherlands at the moment, Dimitris has been a real devoted dj and producer for many years now, using analog equipment, vinyl records and passion. You can check more of his music here and his blog here. Thank you Dam / love from Olympus!

Emphasis Combine

Roberta Setells – P-1 Information
Kevin Lazar – Transmutation (Mutant III)
Unit Moebius – Kuiken II
I-F – Shadow of the Clone
Super Unknown – ‡°(TH 01)
Inigo Kennedy & Marco Lenzi – Molecular Loops (Mol LG02)
Richard Polson – SF007 A2
Inigo Kennedy & Marco Lenzi – Molecular Recordings
Cristian Vogel – XPUTE theWoopWoop (Tresor 231)
Jeff Mills – Something in the Sky (Axis)
Damcase – Emphasis Combine
Mika Vainio – Olematon (Sahko 6-12)
Super Unknown – Transistor Line
Unit Moebius – Kuiken I (Bunker 4004)

You can download it here

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