Monthly Archives: February 2012

Today it’s this special Carnival-Thursday in Greece. Everybody eats meat, gets dressed up in costumes-masqué and has loads of fun. But we’re in the mood of hosting something different that doesn’t exactly fit the day. A dreamie, mesmerizing trip-mix by James Enox. No carnival at all.
T-h-a-n-k-s :)

The Art of Noise – How to Kill
Kraftwerk – News
Alex Smith – Sign & Drive
AFX – C2
Klaus Nomi – From Beyond
John Heckle – Nothing Can Last Forever
Joe Drive – A Zenith Criteria
Pwog – Linkage
Klaus Nomi – Samson and Delilah
Technasia – Millenniums [The Unknown]
Unknown – Unknown
June – Lost Area [Dj Sprinke’s empty dancefloor]
AE – Garbage [PIOBMX19]
Sabres of Paradise – Inter/Lergen/Ten/Ko
Jeff Mills – A1

You can download it here