Life in Fos

So! Last for 2017 comes a female-power guest mix.
Our friend Nadja sent us this  great mix suitable for the holiday days that are coming · fun, sophisticated and multi-culti as we say. Plug in the speakers, poor your favourite drink and enjoy! You can listen more of her stuff here.
Thank you Nadja :)

Life in fos.png

1. Life In a scotch Sittingroom Vol.2 Ep.7 – Ivor Cutler
2. Raqs – Alim & Fargana Qasimov
3. West El Ghabat – Al Massrieen
חני ליבנה – כמה שאני איתך4
5. Alla Beni Pulla Beni – Baris Manco
6. Badala! – Rafiralfiro
7. Wa’ana fad Leumi – Reuma Abas
8. Γαρύφαλλε – Πελόμα Μποκιού
9. Το Αυτοκίνητο – Boomerang
10. Yalnizligin Acikli Güldürüsü – Mogollar
11. Bu Ellerden Gocup – Asik Emrah
12. Mustafa – Baffopizza
13. Yahyaoui – Sofyann Dazzitini feat Nidhal
14. Gecti Dosy Kervani – Ergüder Yoldaş Orkestrası
15. Το Πρωί και το Βραδυ – Μιχάλης Σιγανίδης

You can download it here

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