Higher Love II

Our first autumn guest mix comes this time from Australian Izabel Caligiore. Izabel was hosting the
Lullabies For Insomniacs radio show on PBS 106.7FM. A the moment she lives in London and as
she says: “The mix I have done for you is inspired by Autumn in London, visiting the Sigma Polke
exhibition at the Tate Modern and Paul Virilio’s ‘Speed of Politics'”. Perfect for a car trip, the mix
combines jazz, ethnic, progressive and left-field music and it sounds amazing. Thank you Izabel!

Higher Love II

Herbie Hancock – Waterman Man
Negril – Rasta
Dunkleziffer – Sunday Morning
Ptose – Beasties
Jon Hassel – Earthquake Island
Don Cherry and Latif Khan – Airmail
Nikitakis – Hero Meets Jane
Ultravox – I never Wanted to Begin
Feladat – Rolls
Ibliss – Highlife
Ali Farka Toure – Ai Bine
Nuel – Rhythms
Cybotron – Parameters of Consciousness
George Theodorakis – Lottery
Martha and the Muffins – These Dangerous Machines
1991 – High Life Tech
Juju and Jordash – African Flower (Cosmic Dub)
Gasper Lawal – Kai Anibaba
Francis Bebey – The Pygmy Song

You can download them here here

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