35 Degrees of Uncertainty

We welcome September with another guest mix from Oldman Talkin’. A deep, moody, quality crossover, totally recommended for your afternoon or latenight listenings in these early autumn days. Thank you Harry.

35 Degrees of Uncertainty

George Fenton – Mary Appears
Gerasimos Lavranos – The Dream
Stark Reality – Too Much Tenderness
Time Wasters – Seventh Wave
Fox – The Juggler
Finis Africae – Hybla
Mo Kolours – Banana Wine
The Heliocentrics – Collateral Damage
Brenda Ray – Krazee Music
George Theodorakis – No Name
Alpha Beta – Astral Abuse
Herbie Hancock Sextant – Rain Dance
Reinhard Lakomy – Das Geheime Leben
Arrow – O’ La Soca (Afro Soca Acid Dub)
Dwight Sykes – In The Life Zone

You can download it here

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