Red Tape

It’s Oldman Talkin’s time. A mix made of sweet jazz-funk melodies, exotic rhythms and some dubby sounds for the end of the day. Some warm music for a totally frrrreazing week!

Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins – Bill Blows It
Lack of Afro – Little Fugue
Herman Eberitzsch – Rapture of the Deep
Fraykers Revenge – Ghetto
Yamasuki – Aieaoa
Orchestral McKarl – Misly
Salma Agha – Come Closer
The Buoys – Give Up Your Guns
Giuliano Sorgini – Time Turf
Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou – Tarekh
Daphni – Mapfumo
George Adams – Adjusting settings, mixing and panning with unknown track at begin of tape
Легкое дело холод – Белый черт ландыш
Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines
Clutchy Hopkins meets Lord Kenjamin – Tune Traveler
Arthur Joly – Moréia
Wackie’s Rhythm Force – Hard to Find Dub

You can download it here

  1. Mario said:


  2. Cyril said:

    You rock, KSARNALB!

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