A Fish Out of Water

A good-morning from the ‘Things we’ve been listening to‘ fellas with this Wednesday mixtape of specialities. Groove in with some electronic, no wave, progressive and dark-disco grooves. Sweet!

Picchio Dal Pozzo – Merta
Tom Scott – Burundi Bump
Hosono Haruomi – Cosmic Surfin’
Nina Hagen Band – Fisch Im Wasser
Rose Garden – Akiko Yano
I Gres – To Mendes
Kroma – Sexy Films
Jean Yves Labat – Cash
Sky – Westway
Zia – Heleyos
Jean Pierre Sabar – Vai Vai
Senay – Honki Ponki (Baris K edit)
Abel Nagengast – Inner Haze
Jamaica Running – The Pool
Arjune Popo – Disco Baby

You can download it here

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