September’s on and we’re back, welcoming this season’s first guest mix, Abendprogramm. Julian Horn from Austria is the man behind this absolutely mellow mix -perfect one for weekend chill out and a sweet way to start autumn. Tune in and enjoy! Also check here Tempo, the Vienna party nights he’s involved with. Thank you Julian :)

Ananta – Causal Ocean
Büdi Siebert – Pienes Tanz
Pili Pili – Post Scriptum
Sango – Death In The Woods
Ströer Duo – Abendprogramm
Lani Hall – Ocean Song
OPA – Montevideo
Christian Hinze – African Rapness
Babeth – Bébé – Reggae
Rhodos – Robotics
Sandra Sá – Olhos Coloridos
Sylvia Mason – Shadow in the Sun
Alberto Radius – California Bill
Enzo Cervo – Delfina
Peter Horton – Chanrango Creek
Hiroshima – Da-Da

You can download it here

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