guest mixes

Our friend Petit Bear based in Athens is the man behind this new guest mix. Cinematic and emotional, Vihma Päikest is a great listen for your lazy afternoons and your summer vacation.
Many thanks to the Bear. Rrrrrooooarrrrrr.

Vihma Päikest

Argo – Diana II
Andres Lõo – Pärast Vihma Sajab Päikest
MJ Lallo – Deep Dreams
Mark Isham – Tibet Part IV
Kulpowicz feat. Niemen – Song For Harprit
Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia – Nim Zastukałem
Lix – Dolly & Teddy
Vincent – Be Easy
Isabelle Antena – Naughty, Naughty
Pick-Up – Live Is Easier Than You Think
BBC Sound Effects – Animals & Birds
2 Katara – H Ελληνοπούλα (Greek Lady)

You can download it here

We are very happy to host this new guest mix from dutch vinyl collector, dj and radio host Rem Gow. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Rem Gow hosts three monthly radio music shows, ‘All Around The Globe’ for Red Light Radio (Amsterdam) and two shows for Operator (Rotterdam). Currently he also has a monthly guest mix residency for Balearic Social Radio, Leeds (UK).
He was kind enough to prepare for us this amazing two-hour mix. Esoteric, ethnic, minimalistic, some words to describe it. Prepare yourself for a treat. Thanks Rem!

Giardino Pieno di Suoni.png

Roberto Musci – Tamatave
Suzanne Kraft – Bank
Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh – Nahm
Paolo Modugno – Brise D’automne
Ditto –  Eastern (In Human Terms)
Vangelis Katsoulis – The Eternal  Return
Michel Banabila – Marilli – 2
Four Drummers Drumming – 3000 Miles Away – Part Two
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Asia
Vito Ricci – Bachelor
Masahide Sakuma – DIM
Pablo’s Eye – La Pedrera
Vito Ricci – The Lotus Leaf Floats on the Lake (instrumental)
Pep Llopis – Muntanyes De Granit
Eblen Macari – La Constelacion Del Pejelagarto (Bambuco)
Goffredo Haus – Cielo
Motohiko Hamase – Circlet
Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canava – Blue Terra
Roberto Mazza – Esperidi
Bartosz Kruczyński – Post Tenebras Lux
Yas-Kaz – Relation Between Bisons, Bananas And Rods – The Previous Night

You can download it here


So! Last for 2017 comes a female-power guest mix.
Our friend Nadja sent us this  great mix suitable for the holiday days that are coming · fun, sophisticated and multi-culti as we say. Plug in the speakers, poor your favourite drink and enjoy! You can listen more of her stuff here.
Thank you Nadja :)

Life in fos.png

1. Life In a scotch Sittingroom Vol.2 Ep.7 – Ivor Cutler
2. Raqs – Alim & Fargana Qasimov
3. West El Ghabat – Al Massrieen
חני ליבנה – כמה שאני איתך4
5. Alla Beni Pulla Beni – Baris Manco
6. Badala! – Rafiralfiro
7. Wa’ana fad Leumi – Reuma Abas
8. Γαρύφαλλε – Πελόμα Μποκιού
9. Το Αυτοκίνητο – Boomerang
10. Yalnizligin Acikli Güldürüsü – Mogollar
11. Bu Ellerden Gocup – Asik Emrah
12. Mustafa – Baffopizza
13. Yahyaoui – Sofyann Dazzitini feat Nidhal
14. Gecti Dosy Kervani – Ergüder Yoldaş Orkestrası
15. Το Πρωί και το Βραδυ – Μιχάλης Σιγανίδης

You can download it here

Last day of August today and we come to you with a new guest mix. Our friend Monkylo has prepared for us a spontaneous mixtape with some favourites ♠ rhythmical, classics, minimal. Push play and enjoy his sounds and be sure to check on him for more here & here. Thank you Monkylo!


Biosphere – Microgravity
Nick Hoppner – All By Them Selves
Daze – Slums Of Grand Central
Aphex Twin – We Are The Music Makers
Roger Gerressen – Soul Recognition / Melchior Productions – Liquid Moves
Monolake – Bicom / Mall Grab – French Girls
Dan Andrei – Lumo
Unbalance – Freedom
Doms & Deykers – No Life On The Surface
Brian Eno – The Ship / Max Loderbauer – Slowrag

You can download it here

Our new guest mix is a contribution from our friend Phon. Making an amazing selection, he has put together melodies and sounds from dream land. Organic, vocal, electronic, sentimental, this is a mixtape for yOUr ears only. Thank you Xenophon!

Eternal Wind.png

1. Jonny Nash – Exit 3
2. Croatian Amor – The Lovers
3. Benoit B – Zanzibar Sunrise
4. Eternal Wind – Xingu
5. Orchestra of the Eigth Day – Dancing in the Wind
6. Стук бамбука в XI часов – Снежный Мёд
7. K. Leimer – Confusion in Belief
8. Katsutoshi Morizono – Imagery
9. Phew – Being
10. Holger Czukay – Hiss ‘n’ Listen
11. Pecker – Sha La La
12. Third Galaxy – Near to Venus
13. Ioannis Savvaidis – IBM 2870
14. Thick Pigeon – Subway
15. L’amour Joue Au Violon – Jeanette

You can download it here

We welcome spring at last and what better day to host a new guest mix! Our dear friend Masti J -living in London the past few years- has prepared for us a sensual, soul-full, loving mixtape. Get ready all of you love bugs out there, wherever you are, and enjoy love and sun. Be sure to check out his radioPHONO shows on Amateur Radio. Thank you Ioannis!

Lowood 10.png

Nina Simone – Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair
Aye and Be – The Sound Of The Memory For Many Living People
Fein – Stonedage
Tery Brooks and Strange – High Flyer
The peoples workshop – Love love
Nu-cleus – Needing A Woman
Aleke Kanonu – Mother’s Day
Sade – Surrender Your Love
The System – Find It In Your Eyes
Toto – Georgy Porgy
Sade – Paradise
Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

You can download it here

Our first guest mix for 2017 is a contribution of the prince of the Olympian fellowship, Georges Varanx, the first of his name. Multi-talented in words, sounds and dental knives, our friend Varanx -head runner on Amateur Radio– has put together an atmospheric, esoteric, psychotic, loving collage. Turn down the lights and enjoy his sound adventure. Thank you Georges :)

A Clinical Case Of Love.png

Savvas Metaxas – Phase
Emdy – No Studs
Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου – Το παιδί και οι ληστές
Nicolas Jaar – Garden of Eden
Tasos Stamou – A Litany of ‘Aishiteru Wa’ No10
ITPDWIP – Someone Else Is Living At Her House Now
Reference – Not Waving
Φράκταλς Tm – ΦΡ:ACT:ΑΛ Opening Theme
No Clear Mind – Not Given A Name Yet No1
Ankles – Hard A Take
ΚU – Covered In Solemnity
Stephen Bodzin – Sputnik (Synthapella version)
β8 – Κόκκαλα
The NoMen – It’s Alive

You can download it here

Check  out more of his word and sound project ΦΡΑCΤΑΛΣ here.